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Dr. Allely Albert

Postdoctoral Researcher

Allely Albert is a Postdoctoral Researcher at TU Dublin, School of Social Sciences, Law, and Education. Her research has focused on ex-prisoner involvement in community-based restorative justice efforts in Northern Ireland and the United States, examining the impact of ex-prisoner leadership on the micro-dynamics of restorative processes and the mechanisms involved in wider societal peacebuilding. Originally from California, she has been involved in justice and peacebuilding mechanisms in a wide variety of settings and systems. Allely holds multiple certifications related to restorative justice, including certifications in mediation, victim-offender dialogue, and restorative practice, and has served as an accredited practitioner at a leading restorative justice organization in Northern Ireland. Allely earned her PhD in Law from Queen's University Belfast, where she was the recipient of a Postgraduate Research Studentship, and additionally holds an MA in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice.