TU Dublin Innovation is the award winning Innovation & Knowledge Transfer Office which has helped to create TU Dublin Spinouts; Kastus®, Micron Agritech and Ocumetra and are responsible for the commercialisation of intellectual property arising from University research. We are the hub of innovation and technology transfer activities and have a multitude of technologies available to license to industry arising from university research. Our team works with students, lecturers, and research teams across the University as well as with entrepreneurs, investors, SMEs, and multinationals.

The development of innovative ideas requires the support of people who can pinpoint the available funding options and provide real-world solutions. Open Labs by TU Dublin Innovation is a market focused initiative, which aims to remove barriers facing industry in engaging with universities, making world leading facilities and expertise more accessible. With 850 researchers, the university has an extensive range of research knowledge and expertise that can be harnessed as a powerful support to industry. Industry, large and small, can benefit from the deep domain expertise and skills of the University staff as well the state-of-the-art research facilities. Open Labs has supported over 200 start-ups and SMEs to develop new products and services and generated over €2 million in research income since 2018.

Company size is not an issue for our experts, who have helped some of the biggest companies in Ireland as well as those starting out. For small companies, this might involve a 4–8-week innovation project funded through the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher scheme, or a desk-based assessment of market need and competitor analysis. For the biggest companies, it might involve multiple collaborations with significant funding, resulting in new disruptive technology. The University thrives in helping companies to translate research into innovative, impactful product, processes and services that can be sold commercially.

Industry is always on the look-out for new products, processes, or services that can disrupt whole industries and TU Dublin expertise can help them to achieve that. Our experts can also recommend what funding options may be available to leverage their costs and our ability to help industry is testified through the fact that a third of industry clients are repeat customers.