Dr. Shawna Johnston

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Business Development Manager

Email: shawna.johnston@tudublin.ie

Tel: +3531 2205427


Shawna is the Business Development Manager for TU Dublin Hothouse, supporting technology transfer for TU Dublin by engaging industry and research partners to develop collaborative projects, and assisting with funding opportunities for these. Shawna joined the team in 2019 and has an extensive background in industry-academic collaborations. She was involved in the commercialization and IP discussions of her thesis work with industry partners, and then spent five years in the Canadian energy industry developing and commercializing technologies for safer operations via numerous academic collaborative projects; including an $8 million Large Scale Applied Research Project.  She then worked as a consultant with a grant writing company to establish their new client base in Alberta. In 2018, she moved to Dublin and worked with the Insight Center at DCU, managing a portfolio of over € 3 million of academic-industry projects. 

Shawna has a PhD. in Biological Sciences from the University of Calgary, Canada.



“Detection of Microorganisms in Fluids”, Patent App. Number PCT/CA2017/050241. Priority Date February 24, 2016. International Publication Number WO 2017/143452 Al. Publication Date August 31, 2017.



Image: Johnston, SL and Voordouw, G. 2014 in Brock Biology of Microorganisms, 14th Ed. p 665







Professional Biologist, Alberta, Canada


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