Logistics Associate

  • TU Code: DT629
  • Level: 6
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Award: Higher Certificate in Logistics
  • Sector: Logistics
  • Location: Aungier Street

On completion of this two-year apprenticeship, you are awarded a QQI Level 6 Higher Certificate in Logistics.

This programme is the perfect entry point into the Freight, Logistics, Shipping and Distribution industries, with broad exposure allowing persons to make a decision about their desired career direction upon completion.

The Freight, Logistics, Shipping, and Distribution sector is a service provider industry, facilitating the effective movement of goods into and out of Ireland. As an Island nation, the Irish Logisticians are and have a need to be among the most skilled in the global economy.

Logistics is the term given to encompass the movement of goods from Export to Final Importer but there is a lot that happens in between. An Irish Exporter will make a sale of Goods to a German-based Importer. The Irish Exporter will employ a Freight Forwarder to act as an Architect of Transport and facilitate selection and booking of transport providers and the documentation required. The Transport/ Haulage company will collect the goods from the Irish Export and transport the load via many different combinations of options; drive to Dublin Port, take a Ferry to a western port of the UK, drive across the land, take another ferry to Rotterdam in the Netherlands and then drive the remainder of the journey to Germany. Even when finally imported, the German-based Importer will then employ the services of a local Distribution company, that will have the local knowledge and facilities to handle the final mile delivery of the imported goods to retailers/end users.

To become an apprentice in Ireland you must be hired by an employer. Apprenticeship employers are formally approved by SOLAS in advance of employing apprentices. Apprentices get a formal contract of employment as part of their apprenticeship.

Full eligibility criteria for this apprenticeship are available in the Logistics Associate Apprenticeship brochure.

For further information, contact your local Education and Training board.

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