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Apprenticeship Courses

Apprenticeship Courses

TU Dublin works closely with SOLAS to provide a diverse suite of apprenticeship education and training courses.  We offer apprenticeship courses, in many different industries, ranging from construction and motor, to electrical and engineering. Nationally, over 8,000 employers are currently employing over 23,000 apprentices in Ireland.

To become an apprentice, you need to be hired by an employer for the duration of your apprenticeship. All apprenticeship employers are formally approved to employ apprentices. Apprentice jobs come up all year round with many apprenticeship jobs advertised on the official apprenticeship website.

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Learn & Work Courses

In addition, we offer three exciting courses under our "Learn+Work" model. Learn+Work courses blend the strength of a university education with an apprenticeship style work placement and are designed specifically to create a work ready university graduate in the shortest possible time. Explore your options at the links below: