MBA Alumni

MBA Alumni

Hear what our Graduates have to say about the TU Dublin MBA:

My TU Dublin MBA experience has been both life changing and inspirational, equipping me with the skills and strategic capabilities to rethink convention and deliver impactful change in a modern-day business context. The catalyst for this personal transformation is heavily influenced by the program’s unique learning environment, where innovation and creativity are viewed as a journey, underpinned by a collective dynamism and collaborative ethos.  The diverse profile of people in the class and the imaginative way in which the program cultivates invention and interaction, serves to challenge your thinking, transform your analytical aptitude and broaden your strategic lens. The TU Dublin MBA is a student-centric program that marries contemporary and leading edge business insight with practical application. This extends the learning experience to encompass the attainment of validated learning, which has provided me with the core competencies to become a modern day leader; someone who embraces change, adopts an innovative mindset and challenges the pursuit of orthodoxy.

Jason Frehill: Programme Manager, Dublin City Council


The TU DUBLIN MBA was a culmination of a desire to transform my career. The MBA gave me a platform from‌ which to do this. While all the modules were of benefit, I really started evaluating my career through the lens of the learnings garnered from modules like Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Commercialisation, Globalisation & Strategy as well as Strategic Customer Management. All of which challenged me to think about how I would lead, the people I’d like to lead, what area I would lead in and how will I get there.

Georgieann Harrington: Client Lead EMEA at Google, Global Accounts


I completed the MBA in 2016 and very soon after my final exams I secured my current position. The MBA has allowed me to communicate more effectively as a business leader both orally and in writing to bridge diverse perspectives, cultures, and disciplines.The TU DUBLIN MBA has helped me to understand the importance of building knowledge, skills and techniques to lead sustainable businesses and organisations. I have learned how to perform strategic analysis effectively and I have acquired the ability to apply quantitative methods to business problem solving. I have also taken away a greater understanding of the ethical implications of business practices. Both the knowledge shared from the classroom speakers and insight gained from our field trips to some of the best known tech companies in the world, made the MBA International Study Visit a really special learning experience. Discovering the culture of entrepreneurship, building effective partnerships and cross-cultural communication the Silicon Valley way gave me an insight as to how I can do things differently. The key learning for me was ‘How to create lean start-ups’ and ‘Design Thinking’, both fascinating topics. The MBA is about people, the struggle you endure with them, learning from them and most importantly the friendship you give and graciously receive from them.

Ronan Neary: National Accounts Manager - Premier Lotteries Ireland (Operator of the National Lottery)


I didn’t plan to do an MBA. I worked in the charity sector and didn’t want to start my own business, so why would I? But I did recognise that I’d reached a point where I needed new skills if I wanted to get to the next stage of my career. I was looking at leadership courses when the details of the MBA caught my eye. I’m not going to say it was easy and that everyone should do it. There were times I wondered what I was doing (usually the night before an accounting assignment was due) but at no time did I regret the decision. I was always challenged and, more importantly, always supported – by the staff and especially by my classmates. I was initially concerned that my academic and public sector background would put me at a disadvantage, but my skill set just brought a different perspective to our diverse student group. One of the main reasons I chose TU DUBLIN was the Silicon Valley Immersion Programme – a week of intense classes with a range of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. It was easily the best learning experience of my life. I learned so much in that one week and from the work we did around it.This time two years ago I started to think about the MBA. Two years later, I now have the skills, language and the confidence to take my career to the next level, and I’m writing this on my way to work in Washington DC. I can honestly say that I would not have got this job without the TU DUBLIN MBA.

Paul Surgenor: National Director, Information, Support and Education - NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Washington DC


My experience prior to joining the TU DUBLIN MBA was predominantly within the area of taxation. As a qualified Chartered Tax Adviser and Chartered Accountant, I was interested in moving into other areas of business and the TU DUBLIN MBA gave me the ‌tools and confidence I needed to make the transition to a new role. I enrolled within the TU DUBLIN MBA with a key goal of broadening my knowledge outside of taxation. While the programme exceeded my expectations, I was extremely surprised that some of my key learnings were gained through working with many of my fellow colleagues on the programme. Through this experience I have gained an invaluable network of high performing individuals which I can draw on for the rest of my career. Getting the chance to travel to Silicon Valley, was an important and exciting aspect of the TU DUBLIN MBA. It provided me with an opportunity to observe how theory is being put into practice in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, immerse myself in the atmosphere of Silicon Valley and begin to believe that you can be the next disruptor.

Darren Byrne: Global Tax Director, PTC Therapeutics, Inc.


The TU DUBLIN MBA is well structured as a series of targeted and succinct modules in the key areas of Business ‌Administration that are essential for any senior leader in today's competitive environment. By following a logical and interlocking sequence of core and elective modules, the programme offers a solid and holistic set of learnings, complemented by a professional and dedicated programme manager, and lecturers with direct industry experience. The TU DUBLIN MBA encourages participants to hone their time management, team working and leadership skills in a competitive and challenging environment.

The study visit trip was the highlight of the MBA, and offers a week long immersion into the most innovative and dynamic place on earth. The company visits offered direct access into newer companies that have rapidly scaled in size and longer established companies that have strategically pivoted to stay relevant & profitable. Pitching a business proposal to a group of respected Venture Capitalists was challenging but immensely rewarding, and was a great experience. Not to mention early morning runs on the Golden Gate Bridge and the eclectic San Francisco atmosphere!

The TU DUBLIN MBA programme is a challenging but hugely rewarding experience, both professionally and personally. It combines high calibre instruction with diverse corporate development, and represents excellent value for money. With a largely mature and experienced cohort, the TU DUBLIN MBA is ideal for company executives and self employed professionals seeking to develop their core competencies, and to stay relevant in today's highly competitive business climate.

Weldon Mather: Director - WM Consultancy


One of the great strengths of the TU DUBLIN MBA programme is the opportunity which is provided to work with other colleagues from varied professional backgrounds. It enables our class to tackle practical business problems from several different angles. This benefits me as I learn not only from the lectures and seminars provided, but also from my fellow colleagues. I would highly recommend the programme.

Lynda Magee: Director Brand Manager - Kelkin


Although the course is tough, I find it challenging and stimulating. Working in groups has exposed us to classmates of different backgrounds, and built an esprit de corps. Coming from a non-financial background, I was keen to catch up. I have not been disappointed.

John Muldoon: IT Manage - Higher Education Authority


I decided to take on the MBA programme because there were areas of the business I work in that I didn't fully understand. I knew I had potential but I needed some way of nurturing and developing my own talents beyond the experience my day to day job brings. The MBA has helped me to better understand not only the fundamental workings of business but also cutting edge business techniques and attitudes. I feel that it has improved my confidence to make business decisions, to be a strong leader and I look forward to the possibilities it will create in my future career.

Laura Kennedy: Product Manager - A. Menarini


Having come through semester 1 and working my way through semester 2 on the TU DUBLIN MBA programme I have already taken a huge amount from the course. My confidence and leadership skills have increased tenfold. Previously I would not have considered myself analytically minded but I now have huge confidence in my ability in this area.

I am enjoying the diverse range of people in the group I am working with, and have benefited greatly from leveraging on their experience and knowledge. This has been the most enjoyable and challenging part of the course for me. Working with people form many different industries and backgrounds all driving towards the same end result. I have gained invaluable business contacts from my class that I will have for my career. The course has been very challenging so far but the MBA team work hard on ensuring you are managing your workload.

Ciarán Byrne: Service Manager - Citi


As one of the more mature students on the TU DUBLIN MBA, I found that it brought together all my prior experience and validated it by giving it an academic underpinning. By unleashing the power of knowledge I had already accumulated and complementing it with a wider understanding of other people’s experience I grew in my own confidence and competencies and am certain that I have become better in business as a result.

John Kearns: CEO - Partas


The flexibility of the TU DUBLIN MBA was a key element for me with Friday afternoon and Saturday mornings not impacting too much on working hours. The commitment from staff of the college and access to them was also vital. The MBA gave me a much broader perspective on management. It also taught me how to review, for example, a company in difficulty, identify the key issues (both operational and strategic) and present possible solutions (in a very short timeframe). These analytical skills were a key part of the development process throughout the MBA.

Ed Mc Gowan, Debt Recovery Manager - Business Banking, Bank of Ireland


My TU DUBLIN experience has been truly transformational; it challenged my thinking about business processes and the importance for an organisation to be constantly innovative. The programme introduced me to a range of important business topics including, Corporate Finance, Project Management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. The most important ingredients on the course were the contributions from the participants and lecturers; enthusiasm and hard work were key traits amongst the MBA group. The TU DUBLIN MBA programme equipped me for business in Twenty-first Century Ireland.

Gerry Drum: Group Enterprise Manager - Independent Newspapers