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Computing with DevOpsRíomhaireacht le hOibríochtaí Forbartha

Course Title: Master of Science in Computing with DevOps

Standard admission criteria for admission to this programme is a level 8 honours degree in computing or a related area. For non-standard candidates who have extensive experience in software related roles an RPL/APEL process may be used to assess candidates and advise of admissibility for the programme.

In some cases candidates may be advised on prior modules to be taken to help qualify candidates for the programme. Given that the course commences in January, non-standard candidates are advised to commence discussions prior to the preceding September as the preceding semester can be used to address any lacunae in background.

With most technology organisations moving their delivery platforms to a DevOps approach the shortage of people with cross sectional skills in DevOps is now acute. Candidates can gain a full Masters of Science degree in this specialist area through a mixed learning process with an emphasis on practical application in the workplace. This course is delivered by TU Dublin with the content was determined in collaboration with Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet based on workshops with leading Technology Ireland Skillnet members such as Cisco, IBM, Ericsson and Fidelity.

The advantages of Development Teams and Operations Teams collaborating to improve the delivery of technology solutions has meant a rapid adoption of DevOps approaches to the Software Development Lifecycle. Closely associated with Lean and Agile concepts in enhancing the delivery of technology solutions, the DevOps approach has impacted very rapidly on the Technology industry.

Most existing DevOps ‘specialists’ grow or develop into their role with no formal standards or certification, and a modicum of training in the actual practice of cross functional DevOps practices. They may already be experienced, highly skilled, competent and high performers in their own field of Software Development, Computing, IT Management, or Quality Assurance but they can lack the knowledge and understanding of the other cross functional disciplines they now find themselves working with daily. Understanding not only the technical, but also the business and human factors at play during the high pressure demands of modern software delivery processes, is essential in the modern discipline of DevOps.

The programme is delivered over two years part-time.

With most technology organisations moving their delivery platforms to a DevOps approach the shortage of people with cross sectional skills in DevOps is now acute. Developed by industry as a direct response to this need this first-ever Master’s degree in DevOps aims to fill these important talent gaps and give credit, recognition and credibility to technologists working in this field.

The course will help to develop the DevOps professional who can balance the trade-offs between requirements and costs, understands the business needs and the importance of effective communication to stakeholders. In addition the DevOps professional will have an advanced understanding of:

  • Security and how it must be pervasive
  • How a systems design can impact on quality, deliver-ability and maintainability
  • The particular requirements of different industries such as Banking, Trading, Security, Healthcare etc.
  • Best practice in the area
  • New and emerging technologies in the area

This course is delivered online two evenings per week. An initial two day session is delivered in person at the start of each year. Some optional additional on campus events may also be held. There are two examinations which are generally held on campus over the period of the programme.

Applications are now open.


Applicants working for Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet member organisations apply through Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet for a discounted fee.

For further course specific information please contact:

Non-EU Students

Non-EU students, not resident in Ireland, are not eligible to apply for part time programs that are delivered on-campus. Applications for part time courses that require on-campus attendance will not be processed and the application fee will not be refunded. 

Embarking on a part-time Master’s course is a big time commitment but I’m really enjoying it. I’ve found the lecturers in TU Dublin to be very knowledgeable and helpful. The course is teaching me an end-to-end technical DevOps skillset combined with a business focus that I can use immediately in my daily work. There are a lot of technologies to consider for DevOps and the course has helped me realise not only which ones are the most useful for my business but also that DevOps is as much about people as it is about technology.

-Melanie Howes, Vistatec.

The online M.Sc in DevOps was the ideal delivery method for me to upskill for work, with online lectures recorded, giving me the flexibility to deal with my day job and family life. The content has been informative and covers core concepts from the foundations to case studies in enterprise implementation. The combination of establishing how a DevOps focused organization operates, coupled with some of the latest and greatest DevOps tools has given me the ability to affect real change in my organization and already had a healthy impact on our release cadence and bottom line. I’d recommend this course to anyone who is regularly frustrated in IT and is looking for solid, implementable change strategies and the technical ability to enforce these changes.

Dave Hill, Dun & Bradstreet  

This course has given me to opportunity go deeper on the DevOps topics that are relevant in the industry today. For example exploring the justifications behind implementing CI/CD or exploring the pros and cons of implementing DevOps teams and strategies for handling the associated culture changes has been beneficial to my day job. We are dealing with these same issues. Having covered these topics on the course gives me the background to speak with more authority when there are decisions to be made. There is obviously a challenge to adding to taking on an additional workload, but the flexibility of attending the classes online has made it so much easier. I can be listening to the lecture and not far from the kids if needed.

Conor Tolan, Liberty IT

TU Code



Level 9


Master of Science


2 years

Course Type


Mode of Study

Part Time

Method of Delivery


Commencement Date

January 2025



Virtual Tour



€4,325 per year

Successful candidates may be eligible for part-funded fees of €2,750 per person per annum providing they are working in private or commercial semi-state organisations registered in the Republic of Ireland.

Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet members may attract a reduced fee. See here for more details.

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