1. If this is your first TU Dublin, you will need to create a new account. Click "New Account" and follow the on-screen instructions. Your account can be used to make multiple applications. If you create a new account each time you make a new application you will be asked to pay the €50 application fee again. Keep a record of your username and password as these will be needed to make additional applications and to accept offers. 

  2. If you have already created an account, Click "Sign in" using your username and password. If you have forgotten your password, email pgadmissions@tudublin.ie and we will reset it for you.  

  3. If you have started your application but are not ready to submit it, click the "save and exit" button. You can re-access your application later by following the same steps as before and sign in with your username and password to proceed.

  4. Your online application must be completed in full before you click the "submit" button. Once your application has been submitted you will not be able to alter or add to it. Please take time to read the instructions on each page.

Yes. There is a non refundable €50 application fee for the first application which is payable by Visa, Mastercard, Laser or American Express. Additional applications, for the same academic session, are free of charge.

IMPORTANT: Retain your username and password, you will need them if you wish to make additional (free of charge) applications and/or to accept any course offers which may be made. You will also need your username and password to re-access your application if you are not able to complete it all in one sitting. In this case, you have the option to 'save & exit' and return to complete your application later before finally submitting.

If you have forgotten your password, please contact us at pgadmissions@tudublin.ie and we will reset it for you. If you create a 'New Account' each time you make a new application, you will be required to pay the €50 application fee each time.

The minimum entry requirement for most postgraduate programmes is a 2.2 Bachelor Degree Honours.  Some courses require a 2.1 Bachelor Degree Honours.  Please check the relevant programme page for entry requirement details.

A conversion programme enables graduates of one discipline to acquire a qualification in a different discipline at Postgraduate Diploma and Masters Level. Having studied a particular degree you may decide that you wish to change your career path and consider undertaking a conversion programme at TU Dublin. A list of conversion programmes can be found here.

The closing date for the majority of our programmes, commencing in September, is the 30th June 2023. However some programmes set their own individual dates so please check the relevant programme web page. Specified closing dates may be extended subject to availability of places.

If you do not yet have your final degree results this will not hinder your application as we are happy to issue conditional offers in such circumstances. However, when making an application please be sure to upload your academic transcripts to date and to forward your final results as soon as you receive them to pgadmissions@tudublin.ie. You will not be permitted to join classes until all documentation has been received.

Yes, you can apply for several courses.  When making more than one application for the same academic session, you should 'Sign in' using the same username and password to avoid being charged the application fee again.  If you create a 'New Account' each time, you will be asked to pay the application fee again.

Please note that equivalency for international degrees will only be checked subject to application.  Details can be found on our website.

Students' applications may be considered based on relevant experience plus previous education.

Please note that you will need to contact the disability service. For more information please contact our Disability Support Service.

Course Content/Fees


Our website contains up to date information on our taught programmes, and this is what the Postgraduate Admissions office will use to aid you in your query. If after looking at the website, you still require more information on the taught programme of interest to you, it is advisable to contact the Course Co-ordinator.  Contact details can be found on each course outline page on our website.

All courses offered by TU Dublin are subject to a fee. Fees are displayed on each specific course page.

Please be aware that there is no Non-EU Fee for part time programmes. Non-EU applicants wishing to study part time must show that that they are eligible by including a valid IRP with their application.

Non-EU applicants are only permitted to apply for part time study in TU Dublin if they already have a valid Irish visa or EU passport.  Applicants on a Stamp 2 Study Visa are not eligible to study part time in TU Dublin.

If you think you may qualify as an EU applicant, please contact the us at pginternational@tudublin.ie to be fee assessed before you make an application. Application fees are non-refundable.

To qualify for the EU Rate of Fees, you must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  1. You are ordinarily resident in the EU and have received full-time post primary education in the EU for 3 of the 5 years immediately preceding admission OR
  2. You are ordinarily resident in the EU and have worked full-time in the EU for 3 of the 5 years immediately preceding admission OR
  3. You hold a passport from an EU state and have received full-time education in the EU for 3 of the 5 years immediately preceding admission.

Note: The period that Non-EU students are resident in Ireland on Study Visas does not contribute towards the residency requirement in relation to fee assessment at TU Dublin.

Please note applicants on a Stamp 2 student visa are not eligible to study part time in TU Dublin.

The €50 application fee is non-refundable.

We do not have access to student records as these are confidential. It is your responsibility to forward your transcripts to the Postgraduate Admissions Office. Please be sure to put your online application reference number on any documents you are sending. Please email these documents to pgadmissions@tudublin.ie.

All offers are given a time frame to reply by. In this instance if you feel you would like to pursue the first course offered, if you haven't yet received an offer for your preferred course, please accept your offer and pay the acceptance fee by the date specified. If at a later date you are offered your preferred course we can then switch your acceptance to the new offer.

No. If you have already accepted an offer and paid the €300 once, we can transfer this acceptance fee to the new course you wish to accept. Therefore the acceptance fee will only ever be paid once.

You should follow the instructions in your offer email. Acceptances and payment of €300 deposit fee should be made by following the instructions provided in your offer email, in this case payment should be made online by Visa, Laser, Mastercard or American Express. You will need your login details - username and password (see above 'Application Queries') in order to accept your offer and pay your acceptance fee. If you have forgotten your password, email us at pgadmissions@tudublin.ie and we will reset it for you.

The €300 deposit fee is required to secure your place and we will wait for your transcripts. The deposit fee is non-refundable but in the case where you do not get the minimum requirement of an honours degree 2.2 (or 2.1 for some courses), we will refund the €300 euro.

Deferrals are at the course coordinators' discretion. Please read our Deferrals Procedure document.