Cornelius Broderick


Lecturer, Architecture Building and Environment

Fiona Broderick


D622 - Humanities

Niall Broderick


Technical Officer, Electrical And Electronic Engineering

Ray Broderick


Lecturer, Department of Engineering

Noel Brooks


Library Assistant 2, Library Services

David Brophy


Assistant Lecturer, Conservatoire

Kathleen Brosnan


Assistant Lecturer, Biological Sciences

Miriam Brosnan


Staff Officer, Strategic Development

Claire Brougham


Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

Fiona Broughton Coveney


Lecturer, Social Sciences Law and Education

Lauren Brown


Assistant Staff Officer, Human Resources

Maria Brown


Admin, Careers Office

Harry Browne


Senior Lecturer, Media

Pearse Browne


Assistant Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

Stella Browne


D402 - International Office

Damian Bruce


School Operation Lead, Mathematics Statistics

Catherine Bruen


D103 - Dtu Alliance

James Brunton


Lecturer, Transport and Civil Engineering

Vincent Brunton


Lab Assistant II, Architecture Building and Environment