N-TUTORR Project

This N-TUTORR project aims to deliver transformative change for the technological higher education sector by providing a rich digital learning ecosystem to transform the learner experience and develop the capabilities of all staff. 

N-TUTORR aims to transform learning, teaching and assessment by focussing on transforming the student experience, by developing the capabilities of all staff to address a sustainable pedagogical and learning environment with particular and critical focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

The programme of work builds on significant enhancements in learning, teaching and assessment capabilities which have been achieved within, and across, participating institutions over the past decade, in particular.

Enhanced and ‘future-proofed’ digital ecosystems  will act as enablers for the project objectives. They will enable the technological sector to meet and address regional and national needs for digitisation, to cater for 21st-century learning and research, and to ensure that new Technological sector is sufficiently equipped to deliver the returns on the national strategic policy for Higher Education.

The project has been organised around 3 Streams and 5 Themes

The completion date is Dec 2024.

Diagram of N-TUTORR structure showing the three streams