Ireland’s technological sector, combining new technological universities and institutes of technology, have formed a partnership to develop and deliver on the N-TUTORR programme. The programme proposes to utilize the national scale and scope of the sector to deliver a best-practice suite of initiatives and opportunities for the learner, for staff development and supported by necessary enabling technologies. 

The NTUTORR programme is designed to transform learning, teaching and assessment by focussing on transforming the student experience and developing the capabilities of all staff to address a sustainable pedagogical and learning environment with particular and critical focus on digital transformation, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). 

The national programme of work of the project is designed to enable and leverage digital transformations to achieve sustainable and long-lasting change in the higher education student experience. The programme aims to implement and utilise digital technologies and platforms in a manner which will enable and empower students and staff to enhance and develop their higher education experience. The goal is to empower those who teach to integrate appropriate digital technologies into their own pedagogies, teaching & learning, and assessment practices in effective and meaningful ways. 

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