Stream 2 - Staff Capabilities

Transform Learning, Teaching and Assessment by Developing Staff Capabilities

Stream 2 seeks to develop staff capabilities in teaching, learning and assessment using a sustainable education framework. It aims to reform academic programme provision through flexible and innovative approaches that address the social and economic needs of the regions and through development and implementation of a sustainable higher education curriculum framework across the sector.

The work packages in Stream 2 will enable all institutions to make a step change in the development of staff capability to support a transformation in learning, teaching, and assessment based on a sustainable higher education curriculum framework. They will ensure the embedding of principles and training aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Work Package 2.1 - Sectoral level support of the development of staff capabilities within a sustainable higher education framework
  • Work Package 2.2 - Development of a transformational sustainable higher education curriculum framework
  • Work Package 2.3 - Developing capabilities of all staff to support transformative sustainable higher education and resilience

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