European University of Technology

Our vision and mission are underpinned by the pivotal role that technology plays in forging an inclusive and sustainable future: humanity today faces challenges of unprecedented breadth such as climate change, overused resources, growing inequality, and the social consequences of the digital era.

Answers to these challenges necessarily involve technology, but they need to be multi-faceted. They must take into account the needs and aspirations of people and of our environment, they must be respectful of individual freedom and diversity.

This can only be achieved by empowering technologically responsible citizens, and researchers who fully comprehend the potential of technology as well as the risks of neglecting its purpose. This requires a fundamentally new approach to technology and the training of people to foster it. It requires a new model of university.

Together, we are preparing the future of Europe by building a pioneering institutional model for developing a radically human-centred model of technology.


EUt+ brings Europe, Universities and Technology together. Here is our shared vision on each of these principles, as articulated around our central pillar, “Think Human First.”

For more information about our mission, values and identity, please visit the European University of Technology website.