European University of Technology

European University of Technology

As a University of Technology, our mission is first and foremost to serve society. Europe requires top-quality education for diverse groups, where talents translate into ability to act and react, experiment and invent, anticipate and transform. We empower our students to become technologically literate professionals and European citizens. We ensure that they are well-qualified to play a fruitful role in society, aware of the broader implications of technological development and of their responsibility towards global challenges. Everybody, regardless of background, should be able to study and succeed in our university.

European research must be driven by the diverse needs of our regions, aware of the global challenges of our times and capable of having a true impact on people’s lives. We create knowledge directly connected with the economic, scientific, and political priorities of our respective regions, and in synergy with one another.

Europe calls for universities deeply integrated in the socio-economic fabric of our continent. By working in close connection with public and private, local and multinational institutions and companies, we share our knowledge and know-how to generate value, products and services for everybody. We are a European university, locally anchored in each of our regions and globally connected. Our socio-cultural, linguistic, scientific, environmental, economic and territorial diversity, increases the effect of our concrete, bottom-up approach to support our regions, countries, and Europe.

We are proud to make direct, measurable impacts.

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