Faculty and research students have published in a wide range of peer reviewed international publications and have been recognised for the quality of their research by international peers at important international conferences. They are also engaged in leadership roles with key international academic associations, chairing international conferences, serving as expert evaluators, and journal editorial roles. Engaged scholarship is central to our approach and many of our researchers are actively engaged with stakeholders from their research through participation on national committees and boards, contributing to policy development, engaging with professional bodies and providing consultancy support to public and private organisations.

Research is also conducted in a collaborative environment and our researchers are involved in national and international projects. Many of our researchers are engaged in interdisciplinary research projects, a number of which involve extensive involvement of industry partners as well as other research organisations.

Our research is underpinned by an applied focus, which is enshrined in our mission as a Technological University, always keeping in mind the value and benefits of our outputs at regional, national, and international levels. We continue to build on our research strengths in key thematic areas delivering quality research and graduating research students of the highest calibre.

For further details on research in the Faculty of Business contact:

Dr. Amr Mahfouz

Head of Research | Faculty of Business
p: +35312206501


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