The School of Global Business supports innovative projects to prepare our graduates for a successful career after their time in TU Dublin.  Students get the opportunity to work with clients on work based projects as part of the development of employability skills while also assessing the learning outcomes during their programme of study.

The School is also involved in two particular projects to support students:

STLR (Student Transformation Learning Record - pronounced ‘Stellar’) is an exciting learning initiative that allows students to gain formal recognition for learning experiences gained inside and outside the classroom. Employers today need employees with well-developed transversal skills. Find out more at:

Mindfulness in Education: The School is piloting an initiative to focus on improving student engagement by embedding mindfulness in the curriculum 

Research shows that mindfulness can favourably influence attention, self-awareness and overall wellbeing, and this project offers TU Dublin students the opportunity to learn mindfulness as part of their educational experience. Sessions are delivered in set lectures and their impact researched.  Particular focus is given to the cultivation of students’ skilfulness and graduate attributes in our interconnected world.  Initial feedback from students has indicated that this is enhancing their concentration and focus in their programme of study and beyond. For more information on this project please contact Maria Kenneally / Dr. Colm McGuinness