Organisations today recognise the need for the development of graduates who understand the required disciplines, such as accountancy, marketing, operational management, strategy development, leadership to enable the success of the organisation.  The School of Global Business develops graduates with these interdisciplinary skills required to work in a business locally and globally, within the multinationals, the indigenous Irish companies and/the start-up sector in Ireland, while also supporting the economy and society.   

Through a globally connected transformational educational experience, Students will be given the knowledge and skills needed to address social and global problems in an increasingly interconnected world enabling our students to contribute to global industries including sport industries while understanding the intersection between Business & Society. 

The School of Global Business brings together the interdisciplinary areas of Global Business, Sports Management and Coaching, and Business and Society, ‘to address the challenges facing the world and impact positively on the planet and people, with education as the engine’ (TU Dublin Strategic Intent 2030).