Completing the MBA at TU Dublin was nothing short of professionally transformational. An overwhelmingly positive experience, my master's has shaped the professional I am today. Within a year of completing the MBA, I landed my dream role which I don't believe I would have secured had it not been for taking such an immersive and transformative course.

I wanted to rapidly develop and improve my career prospects. The MBA & TU Dublin offered a broad range of relevant subjects in line with current best in class thinking that was supported with top class lecturers, supports and mixed teaching approaches. Ten years later, these have stood the test of time and have continued to underpin my broad technical knowledge and my approach to leadership in a variety of roles and settings as my career progressed.

The TU Dublin MBA was a culmination of a desire to transform my career. The MBA gave me a platform from which to do this. While all the modules were of benefit, I really started evaluating my career through the lens of the learnings garnered from modules on Leadership, Innovation, Globalisation and Strategy. All of which challenged me to think about how I would lead, the people I’d like to lead, what area I would lead in and how will I get there.

My TU Dublin MBA experience has been both life changing and inspirational, equipping me with the skills and strategic capabilities to rethink convention and deliver impactful change in a modern-day business context. The TU Dublin Executive MBA provided me with the core competencies to become a modern day leader; someone who embraces change, adopts an innovative mind-set and challenges the pursuit of orthodoxy.

One of the great strengths of the TU Dublin Executive MBA course is the opportunity which is provided to work with other colleagues from varied professional backgrounds. I learned not only from the lectures and seminars provided, but also from my fellow colleagues.

The MBA has allowed me to communicate more effectively as a leader, to bridge diverse perspectives, cultures, and disciplines, and understand the importance of building knowledge, skills and techniques to lead sustainable organisations. The knowledge shared from the classroom speakers and insight gained from our field trips to some of the best known tech companies in the world made the MBA an engaging learning experience and gave insight in to how I can do things differently.