The HRM Discipline in the school of MPO formed a collaboration with Advanced in 2022 that has developed over the years. This collaboration was primarily developed through Mr John Mc Manus, Country Director who has been generous with his time and commitment to nurturing and developing this relationship.

About Advanced

Advanced Ireland is a provider of Legal and Education software solutions in Ireland and is based in Tallaght.

They believe in right-first-time solutions that streamline ways of working and enable organisations to move from strength to strength. Their three-pillar approach to success means that they are able to equip organisations with the appropriate technology to make your organisation more agile and efficient.

Two of their pillars, namely People and Partnership, are aligned to TU Dublin’s strategic pillars. Advanced continually invest in their people, partnerships and technologies and stay focused on the needs of their markets, customers and stakeholders and they believe true partnership is the defining differentiator. This makes them an ideal partner for us.

The Relationship

The nature of the existing relationship is primarily through Advanced sponsorship of the ‘Ahead of the Curve’ podcast series. The podcast series is available on the usual platforms and allows listeners to hear leading HR practitioners discuss best practice and current trend and challenges they are encountering.

Advanced also sponsor the student Gold medal Award winners on the BSc and MSc HRM programmes.

Future plans are to introduce the use of Advanced software in our modules.