There are a number of Special Interest Groups and Research Centres operating in the School of Marketing.

 The Business Society Sustainability Research Centre is a designated research centre committed to critical and creative analysis and reflection on the impacts of business on the wider society and the impact of the wider society on business. Central to these impacts is the theme of sustainability understood not only in its ecological sense but also in the sense of the ability of business to maintain ethical and political legitimacy through creating value in the long-term. The centre engages in a diversity of analytical perspectives and encourages an iterative dialogue between academics, practitioners and policy-makers. Further information: Dr Brendan O’Rourke at (e)

The Institute for Minority Entrepreneurship was established to offer minority groups in Ireland equal opportunity through entrepreneurship education and training. This engagement programme is underpinned by studies of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurship opportunity in a range of minority contexts. Further information: Professor Thomas Cooney

The Consumption & Leisure Studies Group (cls) aims to bring together academics researching in the areas of consumption, consumer society, media studies, and sport and leisure studies Further information: Dr. Paddy Dolan and Dr. Olivia Freeman

The Digital Marketing Research Group (DMRG) is dedicated to the advancement of academic knowledge and industry application of the wider topic areas of digital marketing strategy, analytics, and technology. The DMRG aims to facilitate national and international leading scholarly and industry research in the field of digital marketing, addressing the needs of business and society in the thematic areas of digital advertising and social media, mobile marketing, platform and cloud services, web data management, and innovative digital technologies. The group provides an inclusive and outward looking environment for research development, fostering interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research to achieve maximum impact in real-world applications. Further information: Roisin Vize


For further details on research in the Faculty of Business contact: 

Dr. Amr Mahfouz

Head of Research | Faculty of Business
p: +35312206501