TU Dublin MATLAB Student Ambassador

27 Apr, 2021

TU Dublin is pleased to announce that MathWorks, the provider of MATLAB and Simulink, is offering a student ambassador role within the university.

MATLAB is a globally recognised tool for engineers and scientists. Millions of engineers and scientists rely on MATLAB and Simulink in a wide range of applications and industries across all applications. As well as its commercial use, it is also used extensively within universities and colleges across the world.

Globally, universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Politecnico di Milano, Edinburgh University, Cambridge University, and Imperial College London use MATLAB and have a MATLAB student ambassador.

The MATLAB student ambassador is an important link between MathWorks and their universities. Ambassadors inform students about the availability of MATLAB and Simulink on campus and showcase the products’ functionality. This role allows the student to leverage their love of technology and build valuable career skills, such as public speaking, networking, and time management.

For those students of TU Dublin interested in applying for this paid role, they will need to perform the following.

  • Explore and implement creative ideas for spreading awareness for the MathWorks brand and products among students,
  • Identify and engage with prominent student organizations related to Engineering, Math, Science and Finance,
  • Plan and organize events on campus to demonstrate the state-of-the-art MATLAB and Simulink,
  • Use social media outlets and prevalent communication channels at the university to spread awareness for MathWorks Student Challenges and resources available to learn MATLAB and Simulink,
  • Promote MathWorks presence at university career fairs, information sessions and other recruiting events.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a student here in TU Dublin for the next academic year to work with a world-class organisation while gaining new skills and getting paid to do so.

If you are interested in this student ambassador role, then please apply at Technological University Dublin Student Ambassador - MathWorks Jobs