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Art, design and media all play roles in holding up a mirror to society – enhancing, challenging and reimagining,   Study in any of these areas will involve learning to make work with different technologies, techniques and materials, but you will also learn about the history of your discipline, how the industry works and how to build your career doing what you love.


Being a working artist or a freelance designer may be the right path for you, or maybe developing content for websites, video games; writing for print or working in broadcast media.  Graduates of these disciplines are welcome in many industries and sectors because of their creativity, critical thinking and ability to be disruptive.

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We’d like to show you the wide range of courses available here in TU Dublin.  We have grouped them under 12 broad headings so that you can explore topics that  interest you and find all of the course options in that specific discipline.  You will also find other courses that are closely related to your interests but maybe you wouldn’t have thought of looking for them – and that might lead you to the ideal course for you!  Under each heading, you can use the filters on the left to select by subject area, by duration of course and by campus location.  Enjoy your search!