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Computer science and information technology is vital to almost every aspect of our lives.  We rely on computers to solve problems, to make sense of vast amounts of data, to safely deliver services virtually and in reality.  The development of new software and hardware increases our capabilities in industry but also in communication – the internet, social media, video games, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. 


With computing at the heart of technological development, graduates are in great demand in big tech companies but also in companies in other industry sectors that depend on computers to deliver their production, maybe in manufacturing or maybe in media.

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We’d like to show you the wide range of courses available here in TU Dublin.  We have grouped them under 12 broad headings so that you can explore topics that  interest you and find all of the course options in that specific discipline.  You will also find other courses that are closely related to your interests but maybe you wouldn’t have thought of looking for them – and that might lead you to the ideal course for you!  Under each heading, you can use the filters on the left to select by subject area, by duration of course and by campus location.  Enjoy your search!