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At its core, science builds and organises knowledge using testable explanations about the physical and natural world.  But you already know that – you have been following the many scientists who have explained the current COVID19 pandemic to us.  You have been intrigued by the forensic detail of their knowledge and how it can be directly applied to the life you are leading.  So, if this is your passion you will spend lots of time in labs but what you learn will have a real world application.  Whether it’s physics or pharma, biology or food science, computing or mathematics.. infinite possibilities await you.


Employment opportunities for science graduates are numerous, regardless of which course of study you choose.  Your specific knowledge of your field, combined with your training to be analytical and logical skills, will mean that you are an asset to industry, education, specialist areas of journalism, public health and environment.  The world needs you.


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We’d like to show you the wide range of courses available here in TU Dublin.  We have grouped them under 12 broad headings so that you can explore topics that  interest you and find all of the course options in that specific discipline.  You will also find other courses that are closely related to your interests but maybe you wouldn’t have thought of looking for them – and that might lead you to the ideal course for you!  Under each heading, you can use the filters on the left to select by subject area, by duration of course and by campus location.  Enjoy your search!