Digital Skills

How digital are you? 

JISC Discovery Tool Student Poster


Getting started: Discover your current digital skills


Step 1: How to login


How does this work?


Step 2: Select a question set - Discover how digital you are!

To start a question set go to the home page and select Question sets and reports for students.

Question sets and reports for students thumbnail from the Jisc discovery tool, the image shows a white icon of a person with a thought bubble on a blue background

You'll find three question sets to choose from:

screenshot of the exploring your digital capabilities question set cards for new and current students

If you're just starting your course begin with the New students question set and when you feel ready (or your tutor feels you're ready) take the Current students question set.


Step 3: Answer the Digital Skills questions

Example Question: 

screenshot of a slide bar question from the explore your overall digital capabilities question set




Step 4: View your feedback reports

The report includes:

Example of competency graph from an overall digital capabilities report. The diagram shows a user's confidence level in 15 areas of digital capability, with colour coding to match the 6 top-level areas of the digital capability framework

Example of guidance text from a user's report. The guidance text has a description of the capability area (in this example, digital creation) and a wheel chart showing a user's confidence level

Screenshot showing a confidence level score in one capability area



Step 5: View recommended resource banks

(learning materials to help you improve your digital skills)

The playlists are housed in three main sub-banks:


Overall digital capabilities resource bank

screenshot of the overall digital capabilities resource bank screenshot of Digital Creation playlist which is one of 16 playlists from the Overall digital capabilities resource bank.


Each sub-bank contains playlist cards for the different learning areas. By selecting a playlist you'll have a choice of multiple hand-picked resources.

For example Digital creation is one of 16 playlists from the Overall digital capabilities resource bank. Inside you'll find 58 curated resources to choose from.



Publisher collections

In the publisher collections you'll find resources from Microsoft, Google and ETF.

screenshot of the publisher collection resource playlists: Microsoft, Google collection and ETF


New students resources

We've created a special collection of resources for new students. Open the Resource bank for students and scroll down to access the New students section.

screenshot of the new students resources showing seven separate resource playlists