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Frequently Asked Questions 


  1. Change all your passwords for the accounts that have been compromised as well as the accounts that use the same or similar passwords to those that have been captured by the hacker. To change your TU Dublin email go to and select reset password
  2. If you entered your credit card information in the phishing page, contact your bank to cancel your card.
  3. Contact the company or person that the phishing attack impersonated, it might be someone you work with, it might be a friend or it could be a major company or bank.
  4. In the case where money has been stolen using an Email Compromise fraud it should be reported to your local Garda Station.

If you believe your account or your network has been hacked because you can’t get access or you have noticed unusual activity, you should report it to your local Garda station and keep a copy of the suspicious activity, including last login records, or a screenshot of the login page showing you were locked out.

If this is your TU Dublin email account please visit and reset your password. You should also log a call with IT Support,, outlining your suspicions and ask for them to be investigated. 

Where you believe you have been the victim of an online scam or fraud you should report it to your local Garda Station, and also use the online reporting service of the website or forum on which you were scammed. When reporting to your local Gardaí, bring copied of all emails, account details, copies of the advertisement of online posting and any other relevant information you may have.

Most users of the Internet will have fallen victim or encountered an online scam in which attackers attempt to obtain personal information such as logon profiles or banking details. In addition, users may have received emails offering them the change to share in a secret fortune or to claim their lottery win or tax refunds. These are some of the scams that circulate on the Internet and about which online users should be aware.

Complaints of online crime or those involving computers should first be made to your local Garda Station.

You should change your email password immediately.  Report the ’phishing’ email to the Service Desk . As your account was compromised you will likely start receiving a large amount of spam emails.  Do not open/reply to any of these emails.

You can find more security FAQs here.

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