Phishing Threat - Vigilance Required

Published: 30 Mar, 2023

Technology services are aware of ongoing sophisticated phishing attacks targeting TU Dublin Students and Staff. These particular scams ask users to click on a link in a mail similar to the image below.

Phish image

Upon clicking on the link you are taken to a fake Microsoft sign in page. On the fake page you will be asked to input your TU Dublin credentials, at this stage your account is compromised.

Most web browsers display the URL of a web page above the page in an address bar. We strongly advise colleagues to check the URL (Web Address) of the site you are providing sign in details to. The fake sign in pages are extremely realistic, giving the exact look and feel of a real Microsoft page, even down to the branding.

The difference between a genuine Microsoft page and a fake sign in page are illustrated below. Ensure that the URL starts with

Real and spoof sign in

If you suspect you have provided credentials to a fake page, please change your password via and contact the service desk immediately. 

Video of Phishing attack targeting TU Dublin 


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