Special Screening: 'How To Tell A Secret'

Published: 14 Feb, 2023

It shouldn’t have to be a secret. In present-day Ireland, many people are silent about their HIV status because society has silenced them.

HIV/AIDS may seem to be a problem that has been sorted in modern Ireland. Certainly, the range of drug treatments available makes it a manageable condition rather than a death sentence. But for those living with HIV/AIDS it’s not as simple as all that, many people still feel the stigma attached to a diagnosis and are compelled to keep their status a secret. “How to tell A Secret” explores the stigma that still exists around being HIV+. Through the stories of different people, we learn of the courage it takes to let even family and friends know that you are living with HIV/AIDS.

Join us for a special showing of “How to tell A Secret” on the 22nd February at 5.30pm in Central Quad, CQ 311. The film will be followed by a Q & A with Michael Clancy, one of the film’s participants

Living with HIV/AIDS does not have to be kept secret, however the stubbornly lingering stigma forces secrecy up upon many with a HIV+ status. But perhaps by watching “How to tell A Secret” together we can play our part in making sure that society doesn’t silence them any longer.

Watch the trailer for 'How to Tell a Secret' now

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