Climate Entrepreneurship Camp

This is a one week in-person transition year programme that will take place on TU Dublin campuses at Blanchardstown, City and Tallaght, during September 2023. The camp will be delivered by the School of Marketing and Entrepreneurship in partnership with Growth Hub. 

Our camp will build creativity, innovation, and the entrepreneurial mind set while promoting sustainable living and consumption patterns. The camp will empower the students to be brave, bold, and ambitious with their ideas for solving climate change related challenges.

The focus of the entrepreneurship learning on Climate Entrepreneurship Camp is that, as a society, we can tackle climate change with enterprise ideas that have potential to grow while purposefully reducing carbon emissions.  On Climate Entrepreneurship Camp, students will be taken through a structured programme with engaging exercises and work templates that culminates in a fun end of week pitch competition.

Each location will host 50 students and schools can apply for their TY students to participate by contacting or Participation is free, and fun.

Campus Date
Blanchardstown  11th September 2023
City 11th September 2023
Tallaght 11th September 2023

What will students learn?

Programme delivery

The programme is delivered across ten topics.  The programme is designed around the preparation of the final pitch deck, with Modules 3-10 each contributing a single pitch deck slide.

Module 1: Introduction

This is the programme kick off where students are introduced to the week and the key delivery team members.  From this session the students will know what they will be doing for the rest of the week.

Module 2: Team Formation

Climate Entrepreneurship Camp is a team-based programme.  This means that the week will kick off a series of exercises (including Lego Serious Play) to help the students understand the dynamics of a team and the roles required.

Module 3: Founder’s Dream

Climate Entrepreneurship Camp will encourage the students to structure their activity for the week around a vision or a dream, from which over the course of the week they will learn to translate this dream into a business model.  

Module 4: The Deal

This module will teach the students how to explain what they are selling and to whom.  

Module 5: Market Segmentation

In this module the students consider the very first market they intend to enter.

Module 6: Customer Value Proposition

Once the students have figured out the job their product is doing for their customers, they will get a sense of the value they are creating for them, as well as the risks a customer takes when buying it. 

Module 7: Financials and Key Value Drivers

Financial literacy is a key challenge on all student entrepreneurship programmes.  In Climate Entrepreneurship Camp, the students will make estimates on the costs to build their products.  

Module 8: Climate Impact

Climate Entrepreneurship Camp is all about solving climate change with scalable, commercial solutions. For this students need to be able to show that their business idea has substantial climate impact. 

Module 9: Customer Discovery

To validate their business assumptions, students need to do some market research. 

Module 10: Pitch Deck

After finishing all the modules, the students will have the first draft of their pitch deck. They will be provided with training and an opportunity to practice their pitch for an end of programme pitching competition. 

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