Office of Living Things Guest Lecture

Published: 17 Oct, 2023
All students and staff are invited to attend a lecture by Bonnie-Kate Walker of the Office for Living Things. 
Details on event:
Office of Living things have been invited to provide a guest lecture as part of Both And Group's elective 'The Productive Field'. 
In this lecture, regenerative practices are fore fronted to counter the exploitation and extraction of our current exhausted landscapes, introducing students to how these practices can be used in design. 
Live broadcast + discussion 
Location: Gallery Space Linenhall, TU Dublin
Time: 20th October @12pm
Lecture open to all
Office of Living Things is a landscape research and design collective that uses the tools of landscape architecture to cultivate a culture of attention to the agencies, propensities, and complexities of living things. Through a methodology that intentionally muddies our own collective practices with the assemblages we find in our projects, we translate, draw, re-tell and re-invent stories at the intersections of nature and culture. Our research, fieldwork, and design emphasize direct engagement with site and community through a practice of radical listening--being outside, flexible, mobile, and open.
Bonnie-Kate Walker is a research associate at the Chair of Being Alive at ETH Zurich, where she contributes to teaching and design research on regenerative practices. She is a co-founder of the landscape design collective Office of Living Things. In her design, teaching, and research, she focuses on bottom-up and collective landscape strategies for a changing climate. She received her MLA from the University of Virginia in 2017 and previously worked as a landscape designer at Future Green Studio in Brooklyn.