TU835 Planning and Environmental Management

Work placement and professional development are a foundational aspect of the TU835 BSc (Hons) in Spatial Planning and Environmental Management.

A Work Placement option is included the fourth year of the programme.  This allows students to undertake a minimum work placement of 4 weeks in a suitable environmental management or spatial planning organisation or related role.

The placement can be undertaken following completion of the 3rd year of study and must be finished before the end of Semester 1 in year 4.  The duties assigned to students during the work placement are mutually agreed in advance of the placement, between the module coordinator, the employer and the student.

The Professional Practice module introduces the personal and professional skills necessary to apply the knowledge they have acquired into real world situations. Students gain real-world work experience and the overall learning is hugely enhanced by gaining hands-on experience of their discipline in a professional setting.

A Work Placement Guidance Handbook for Students and a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ note for Employers is provided.

The Professional Practice Module Co-ordinator keeps an up-to-date schedule of industry partners and, in liaison with the Career Development Centre, will provide support and guidance to students wishing to undertake work placement.

Work Placement ensures a strong link between the programme and employers.  Many graduates continue on to work in full employment with their Work Placement provider.  The experience and testimonials from both graduates and employers has been a consistently positive of TU835.