The Dublin School of Architecture publishes an annual Year Book recording the work of students and staff in each academic year. 


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Empirical is the annual research journal of research by final year students of the TU831 BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology programme.

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The 2020-2021 Dublin School of Architecture Yearbook was published though social media using dsa.line Instagram.

This is the DSA Line launch video from the 11 June 2021 End of Year Show.

This Yearbook set out from the start to document a sea-change in the way we teach and learn about the Built Environment. The book is a platform from which we can show proof that Climate Action can, instead of stymying our creativity, can be a catalyst for fundamental change within the industry.

From the outset, we sought to make this book sustainable and environmentally considerate. We have achieved this through the choice of post-consumer waste paper, by using translucent paper that has dual functions and by being selective in the images we have included. In this book we value white space; selected images have greater emphasis, in turn saving ink consumption. Large images use a half-tone gradient filter to further reduce ink used.

The physical production of this book is to remind us in years to come of our collective drive for climate action through architectural education. It needs to be held in people’s hands; it should sit on bookshelves and remind us of the context within which it was created.

It is our ambition that this book will provide a beautifully made reminder of what the Dublin School of Architecture can do at its best. This book aims to showcase the vibrancy of student work and the leading standards of education evident in the school. The book is organised through all 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We saw this book as being not solely a record of student work, but as a resource for future learning. For this we have included student writing alongside studio projects, and interviews with those at the forefront of change in education and practice.

It is intended that this book’s distribution both inside and outside of Ireland, in tandem with the great work done on the UN Local Project Challenge, should place the Dublin School of Architecture firmly at the vanguard of a new environmentally conscious type of Architectural Education.

Yearbook Team: Stephen Allen, Mark Chester, Romy Marren, Lasairíona Power

We thank you for giving our yearbook your time. We are immensely proud of this book as an artefact, and if you are associated with the school, we hope you are too.

The book is a record of three fundamental mediums that the Dublin School of Architecture and its students use to communicate; Content, Theory and Craft. Each of these aspects has woven within the fabric and charisma of the school, which is a credit to each and every contributor and for that we are grateful.

This year we had a goal of showing the truest reflection of what it is we do here in the DSA, a greater spectrum of works and goings-on. Things like one week projects, staff and student research, class trips and exhibitions are all great assets to the school that we hope this book celebrates as much as the day to day traditional project based work produced by the students. Whilst reading you may notice a change of rhythm and style between sections, or a stark contradiction between chapters. This is all intentional and we do not apologise for it.

Yearbook Committee: Tim Connell, Emma Kavanagh, Peter MacClancy, Adam McLoughlin and Michael Sykes. Find us in the 4th Year studio.