Bachelor of Architecture

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The drop downs below contain samples of student work from each of the four years of the Level 8 TU832 Bachelor of Architecture programme. 


First year architecture studio focuses on creative methods and processes used to develop architectural projects. You will learn how to sketch, make orthographic drawings (plans, elevations and sections), carry out analysis and make models that allow you to develop and represent your ideas in architecture. Context is important and you will learn how to analyze, record and represent existing spatial environments and communities.

We also examine past architectural projects so that we might learn lessons on the principles of architecture and space making. Central to all of our work are the ethics of climate and environmental responsibility. In first year we pay particular attention to principles of sustainability, adaptive reuse and densification.

Overall first year architecture offers a diverse education where students learn creatively and responsively in active participation.

Architecture - Second Year

Architecture - Fourth Year

Architecture - Fifth Year

Galway City of Hope Exhibiiton