Welcome to TU Dublin Environment & Planning

At TU Dublin Environment and Planning we provide career-focused and reflective educational services, practically and technically suited to the contemporary demands of planning and environmental management, both in Ireland and globally.






TU Dublin Environment & Planning’s vision is to be a recognised centre for excellence within the disciplines of environment and planning.  Our aim is "to provide a leadership role in the development of a meaningful and broadly accepted culture of sustainable planning and environmental management on the island of Ireland, one with an earned reputation for creativity and being outward-looking".   

Our Vision, Mission and Context is set out in our DEAP Action Plan 2025 - Mission Vision and Context document.


We would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in studying, researching or engaging with us at TU Dublin Environment & Planning and achieving these goals together.  Please contact myself or the School Office for any inquiries.


David O'Connor

Head of Environment & Planning (Assistant Head of School) at TU Dublin

 David O'Connor