The Nature of Nature : A Green Week Event

25 Feb, 2022

The Nature of Nature is an examination of our relationship to and with nature.

As we become an increasingly urbanised species the ability to connect with nature is impaired. This event, Monday the 7th of March to Friday the 11th, is a series of two field trips and three guided discussions. We will examine our relationship with nature and reconnect through observation, discussion and telling.

Anyone from TU Dublin, student or staff, can apply to participate. The one prerequisite is that you can attend in person and are willing to take part in readings and discussions throughout the week.

Participants will be exposed to a variety of ideas about nature and the environment and build an awareness of how humans are always interacting with nature. A product of the module will be a collection of reflections from participants on nature as written, drawn, photographed or otherwise created.


Monday 7th March          

Bull Island, Clontarf for a tour of Bull Island habitats. The island is a site of international importance for waders and as such a place with high nature value. The tour is led by Dr Melinda Lyons TU Dublin  10.00  - 12.00

Tuesday 8th March             

Film and nature. Using examples from the documentary Homo sapiens and other material to explore how notions of nature are represented in film. A discussion led by Prof Pat Brereton of the School of Communications DCU.  11.00-13.00

Wednesday 9th March  

The many meanings of nature. A class-based discussion.  Leader Dr Ken Boyle TU Dublin.

Thursday 10th March             

The Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin. A discursive walk through the ‘family beds’, the Curvilinear Range and the Herbarium. We will talk about naming, exploiting and conserving plants and how the role of Botanical Gardens have changes through the centuries.  The walk is led by Dr Matthew Jebb, Director of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

Friday 11th March               

Appreciating Nature in the 21st Century, Environmental Aesthetics. In this final class-based session with Dr Connell Vaughan, School of Creative Arts, TU Dublin we will also consider what we have encountered of nature in the preceding days.


To apply contact: Ken Boyle, School of Transport Engineering, Environment and Planning at

There will be a limit of 12 participants for this event.