Lorraine D'Arcy

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Senior Lecturer

Email: lorraine.darcy@tudublin.ie

Tel: +353 1 220 6606

Lorraine is Senior Lecturer and co-chair of the multidisciplinary MSc in Sustainable Transport and Mobility.

Lorraine addresses mobility issues such as road safety and demand management by introducing behaviour science and environmental psychology to engineers and planners so that they will consider determinants of health related behaviours in their design practice. She also undertakes multidisciplinary research investigating the influence of urban and transport design on mobility, social cohesion, public health, well-being, and the environment.

Before returning to academia she worked in transportation and development planning and traffic and civil engineering (private sector) and community sports development (voluntary sector and semi-state).

Lorraine's PhD on Walkability explored the diversity in the interpretation of the concept between professions and its applicability and assessment. The study findings informed a comprehensive cross-sectional population study which I hope will inform stakeholder practitioners and policy makers on best practice to improve human health - both physical and mental, increase physical activity levels and to reduce carbon emissions through sustainable planning and design.

She has a special personal interest in improving the design of the urban realm, increasing opportunities for neighbourhood walking, social interaction and play and sport for young people.

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