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Courage Krah

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Courage is a PhD student in the School of Accounting and Finance, Technological University Dublin. He is primarily interested in sustainability issues regarding food loss and waste in the postharvest chain and households. He is currently working on a project targeted at assessing the economic and environmental impact of food waste in Irish households.

In addition to research work, Courage loves teaching and writing. Prior to commencing his PhD programme in Ireland, he had schooled and worked in Ghana and Indonesia. He has served as a pupil teacher in elementary school, and as a teaching and research assistant at his former university. During his post as a teaching assistant, he helped undergraduate students with various writing assignments thus improving their writing skill. He has participated in seminars, international conferences, summer courses, and community outreach programmes. Aside college thesis and dissertations, Courage has published 8 peer-reviewed articles, and looks forward to adding more. Part of his volunteerism work involves organising non-formal meetings to help non- native English speakers develop academic and scientific writing skills. Courage is keen to help TU Dublin students overcome their writing concerns.  

Courage’s  tutoring hours are on Friday morning and afternoon.

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