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Dr. Eoin Mulvany

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Head, Academic Writing & Learning Centre


Dr Eoin Mulvany has been assisting students in writing styles and techniques at the TU Dublin Academic Writing Centre since its inception in 2014. His doctoral degree, awarded in 2018, involved a research project in music composition together with a thesis exploring symbolism, numerology, mysticism, and animist spirituality in composition.  These interests overlap with the writing concerns of students including ideation, structural concerns, compositional forms in writing, and concept-expression.

Eoin has tutored undergraduate students at all levels and in all disciplines, and in addition facilitates the 'Write Now: Review & Revise' PhD writing group. He has extensive experience in helping students understand what they are being asked to do, in planning and structuring an assignment, and in guiding students through their assignments to completion. 

"Learning new things is what I enjoy the most; each new person has different needs and each discipline has different requirements. The diversity of writers within the university teaches me something new each time. It is this which enables me to help others."

Eoin is the Head of the AWLC.

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