Dr. Mary Deasy BSc PhD CChemMRSC

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Research Centre Manager & Organic Chemistry PI

Email: mary.deasy@tudublin.ie

Tel: +353 1 220 7956

Dr. Mary Deasy is the Manager of the Centre of Applied Science for Health and Head of Research for TU Dublin, Tallaght. She joined TU Dublin (IT Tallaght) in 1993 as a lecturer, having worked as a Research and Development Chemist for Syntex (now Roche Ireland) and in drug discovery in Syntex, Palo Alto, California for the previous 5 years. She holds an Honours Degree and PhD in Chemistry from University College Cork, Ireland. Her PhD was carried out in collaboration with Loctite on the design of novel binding agents.

She has a research group with masters and doctoral degree students working on projects in areas such as - small molecule drug design (predominantly antimicrobials); biomedical coatings; sensors; nanomaterials; electrocatalysts; calixarenes and macromolecules for environmental application. She became a Senior Lecturer in 2005. Her main teaching focus was in organic chemistry, pharmaceutical processing both for API and finished dose pharmaceuticals, and modules Forensic Analysis. She led the application for professional accreditation of our DNA & Forensic Analysis Degree with the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, UK; managed the 2009 Institutional Review for TU Dublin, Tallaght, and its application for delegated authority from the NQAI (now QQI) to make our own awards at research masters and doctoral degree levels.

Key Research Interests & Synthetic Expertise

Supramolecular Chemistry, Calixarenes, Host-guest Chemistry for waste removal and chemical sensing, Biosensors, Nanonmaterials, Small Molecule Therapeutics, Drug Formulations.  

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