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Development of a Prototype Rapid Deployment EEG Sensor for Neonatal EEG Brain Monitoring

Incereb is an EI High Potential start-up that graduated through the New Frontiers Programme to incubate in the Synergy Centre in TU Dublin in 2012. Incereb has developed a rapid deployment multi sensor EEG device for use in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on infants at risk of seizures following Oxygen Deprivation, infection or neurological abnormality.

This device, named ‘neon’ (Neonatal EEG Optimised for NICU), reduces the time taken to set up the brain monitoring investigation from 1 hour to less than 2 minutes. This reduction in application time is less stressful for the infant, and is more accurate than current techniques. Neon EEG devices are designed to interface with all brands of EEG and CFM recording equipment. The Incereb neon device has CE and FDA certifications, and is now being used by clinicians in Europe and the US since the product launch in October 2015.

Incereb collaborated with TU Dublin based Technology Gateway, MiCRA, through a series of EI Innovation Vouchers and 100% funded projects from the company to co-develop the electrode which was incorporated into the neon EEG sensor array.

MiCRA produced prototypes for Incereb, with full functionality, and were very close to the final design iteration. The Micra staff were fully engaged with this project, the documentation and final report on the project was top class, and slotted immediately into our technical and design history file. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending MiCRA to any interested party.

Jim Roche
CEO Incereb