EUt+ Ideas Institute Expert Panel on Technology, Ecology and Sustainability

Published: 21 Aug, 2023

On Wednesday, 30 August the EUt+ Ideas Institute think tank will be holding an expert panel on Technology, Ecology, and Sustainability.

The event will be hosted by TU Sofia, Bulgaria, and will coincide with the multiplier event of sister project EthiCo, which focuses on ethics and ecology in technological education. This expert panel will bring together academics and policymakers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of technologies in the context of ecology and sustainability.

Panellists will bring their multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary backgrounds to the broad discussion of what it means to be human in the context of complex socio-technical systems (biological and artificial systems) and how one can care for oneself, the other and the planet. Panellists will share their perspectives on what a European response is to responsible and ethical innovation that supports the flourishing of the planet and all its human and animal inhabitants, and what kinds of policy and technological responses are necessary to help achieve such a state of affairs.    

The event will be streamed live on Youtube on EUt+ TU Sofia’s YouTube channel, with a unique link to follow. All are welcome to watch and participate by sending your questions to the panellists live.

Expert panellists on the day will include:

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, Professor of Philosophy TU Dublin, Academic Lead European Culture and Technology Lab+

Professor Georgi Todorov, Director of the National Center Of  Excellence  Mechatronics  and  Clean  Technologies, Dean  of  the  Faculty  of Industrial  Technology, TU Sofia

Julian Popov, Minister of Environment, Bulgaria

Karina Angelieva, Head of the Political cabinet of the Minister of Energy

Doncho Barbalov, Deputy Mayor on Finance, Sofia municipality

The event will be chaired by Associate Professor Lidia Galabova, Vice-Rector of Research and Development at TU Sofia.