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Novel Lipases for Green Chemistry Synthesis of Lipopeptides/nucleotides

This project proposes to clone and express two lipases from Pseudomonas reinekei (PRL) and Pseudomonas brenneri (PRB) and explore their applications in organic synthesis. These enzymes were recently identified by screening of soil samples to be of interest as biocatalysts. Preliminary work suggests these enzymes are particularly robust and “promiscuous”. We have previously employed lipases in synthesis of sugar esters and flavour compounds [Dheeman, 2010] and we are interested in the application of these methodologies to synthesis of lipopeptides and liponucleotides. Lipopeptides are known for their action as antibacterial agents and more recently as potent anti-cancer compounds [Chauhan, 2020]. They are also effective in bioremediation applications as biosurfactants. Liponucleotides have been shown to dramatically alleviate the symptoms associated with Flu and Covid 19 [Rosas, 2021].  Synthesis of these compounds will be used as demonstration projects.

The ability of these enzymes to synthesis fatty acid sugar esters will be evaluated as initial step to explore substrate specificity of these new enzymes.

Skill-sets: Cloning and expressing lipases; Computational modelling; Synthesis.

min. 2.1 BSc in a Biological Science

Scholarship not available. Fees & Materials to be paid by the student. Materials costs are very significant

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Dr Gemma Kinsella

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