QQI Level 5/6 Applicants

QQI Level 5/6 Applicants

Technological University Dublin welcomes applications from students presenting QQI (formerly known as FET/FETAC) Level 5/6 awards.

Around 500 first-year places are available on Higher Certificate, Ordinary Degree and most Honours Degree programmes reserved for such applicants.

How to apply

  • You must apply through the CAO system. You can do this online at www.cao.ie.
  • In order to apply, you must have obtained a full major award. A Component Certificate (minor award) is not sufficient. 
  • The best 8 modules of your award are used for ranking purposes.
  • If you’ve accumulated your major award over more than one academic year, you’ll need to apply to the QQI for a major award.
  • If you present full QQI Level 5/6 awards, you won’t be required to meet minimum entry requirements based on Leaving Certificate results. The QQI Level 5/6 award is accepted in its own right.

Additional Information 

QQI Level 5 list of places, offers & accepts in 2019 (City Campus) >PDF DOC

QQI Points Calculator >HERE<

QQI Minimum Entry Requirements For Our Programmes

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