TU Dublin Undergraduate Students

QQI Level 5/6 Award Holders

We welcome applications from students presenting QQI (formerly known as FET/FETAC) Level 5/6 awards. Over 500 first-year places are available, for QQI FET Applicants, on our Higher Certificate, Ordinary Degree and most Honours Degree courses. Entry requirements for courses differ, so please refer to the relevant course page for details on QQI Entry Requirements for that course.

How to apply

  • You must apply through the CAO system
  • In order to apply, you must have obtained a full major award. A Component Certificate (minor award) is not sufficient. 
  • The best 8 modules of your award are used for ranking purposes.
  • If you’ve accumulated your major award over more than one academic year, you’ll need to apply to the QQI for a major award.
  • If you present full QQI Level 5/6 awards, you won’t be required to meet minimum entry requirements based on Leaving Certificate results. The QQI Level 5/6 award is accepted in its own right.