Submission of Portfolio

Submission of Portfolio

Applicants for the following programmes must submit a portfolio:   

TU975 | TU973 | TU974 | TU976 | TU795

Programmes TU975 (Interior Design), TU973 (Design – Visual Communication), TU974 (Fine Art), TU976 (Photography) and TU795 (Visual Merchandising & Display)

Submission (2022)

This year due to Covid19 we are unable to accept physical portfolios and will move to an online portfolio assessment platform.


Will close at 5pm, Monday 28th February 2022

Online location:

Information Flyers:

Download pdf: 2022 Portfolio Information for TU795 TU973 TU974 TU975

Download pdf: 2021 Portfolio Information for TU976 (Photography)


You can amend and edit your online application, but once you select “submit” applications cannot be amended.

Once you create an online account, you will be asked for the following:

  • 2022 CAO number
  • Personal statement (optional)
  • Selection of your work (up to 25 pieces) ready to attach to your online application

Please make sure to use the same email address you use for you CAO application when creating your account.

Any issue with your online application


Applicants may only submit a portfolio once in an academic year.

Detailed Information on the application process can be found by visiting

Evaluation Criteria - PROGRAMMES: TU975 | TU973 | TU974 | TU795

The portfolio is used to review the applicant’s potential to benefit from and contribute to the programme(s) chosen with regard to the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Evidence of Drawing ability should be demonstrated through:
    • Examples of freehand, observation and/or technical drawing
    • Use of colour and texture
    • Variety of subject and media
  2. Evidence of Practical ability should be demonstrated through:
    • Skills in visualisation (3D and 2D) 
    • Quality of presentation
    • Control over media
  3. Evidence of Conceptual ability should be demonstrated through:
    • Investigation
    • Idea generation
    • Imagination and creativity

The decision of the review panels will be final.

Evaluation Criteria - PROGRAMME:   TU976 PHOTOGRAPHY 

The portfolio is used to review the applicant’s potential to benefit from and contribute to the programme chosen with regard to the following evaluation criteria:

Evidence of ability to communicate ideas in projects will be illustrated through:

1. Evidence of Ability to Communicate Ideas 

  • Examples in single images
  • Examples across a series of images 

2. Evidence of Practical ability  

  • Composition
  • Technical skill
  • Quality of presentation 

3. Evidence of Creative ability 

  • Creative enquiry
  • Development of ideas

We would like to see a selection of your photographic work (up to 25 pieces) that best represents your creative, practical and conceptual skills and abilities.

You may additionally submit pages from your notebooks or workbooks which show how you researched and developed your work. If you have had photographs published in magazines or online, you may submit them as well.

Failure to submit a portfolio will render an applicant ineligible for the above programme. Portfolios received after the above submission date will not be reviewed.

The decision of the review panels will be final.

Maximum & Minimum Scores:

ProgrammesMaximum ScoreMinimum Score to be achieved
TU975, TU973, TU973 600 points 200 points
TU976 600 points 300 points
TU795 600 points None

Mature Applicants:

Mature or international candidates who are short-listed may also be interviewed. Applicants with an equivalent qualification or significant appropriate experience will also be considered and interviewed.

The decision of the review panels will be final.

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