Mathematics Competency Test

Mathematics Competency Test for Level 8 Engineering

TU Dublin - City Centre is holding a Mathematics Competency Test (MCT) for applicants to its Level 8 (Honours) Engineering (General Entry) TU805 programme which require Higher Level Maths.

The purpose of the MCT is to offer candidates an alternative route to achieve this minimum entry requirement.

The MCT is not obligatory and no extra CAO points are awarded for successful students. Those students that are successful will have met the minimum entry requirement of Higher Level Maths in Leaving Certificate Mathematics. 

The MCT is set at a similar standard as the Leaving Certificate Honours Mathematics examination. Students that have studied the Leaving Certificate Mathematics curriculum at Honours Level are invited to sit the exam.

There is no cost to sit the exam. 

TU Dublin will be accepting applications to sit the MCT from those who have applied to TU Dublin via CAO for the Level 8 Honours Programme which have a minimum requirement of an H4 in Mathematics, namely:

TU805 Engineering (General Entry)



Regretfully due to Covid19 we are unable to provide tutorials in advance of the MCT this year. However, you can view previous MCT exam papers – links provided below.  


  • Date: Thursday 9th September 2021 
  • Time: The exam will commence at 10am and close for replies at 6pm. Full details will be emailed to those that have registered for the MCT on the day of the exam.
  • Further information: Candidates will be able to submit handwritten answers by scanning them to PDF with a smart phone. Instructions on how to do so will be provided for Android and Apple phones. 
  • Location of Test: By email due to Covid19


We will endeavour to furnish applicants with the results of the exam within one week by email. Results will be provided in the following format:-

  • Matriculate – 60% or more
  • Pass – 40% to 59%
  • Fail – 39% or less

TU Dublin will inform the CAO directly of successful applicant scores. The CAO will allocate places on the programme according to the minimum entry requirements and points system, and would be subject to applicants preferences on their CAO application. Please note that success in the MCT does not automatically guarantee a place in TU Dublin.

How do I apply? 

↓↓↓↓ REGISTER NOW ↓↓↓↓

Closing date: 12 noon on Wednesday 8th September 2021 


Note, You’ll receive the following online acknowledgement when you successfully complete the online form (this is your acknowledgement that you have registered for the MCT):

MCT Online Acknowledgement


Further information 

MCT Syllabus

Use of calculators 

Maths Tables will be supplied in the exam hall.

Exam Past Papers

MCT Exam Paper August 2017

MCT Exam Paper August 2018

MCT Exam Paper April 2019

Any queries?