Oifig na Gaeilge coordinates the Irish language translation service for Technological University Dublin and provides guidance on all content that must be available across the University in Irish or in a bilingual format in accordance with the Official Languages Act, including but not limited to all signage, stationery, and recorded oral announcements.

Oifig na Gaeilge carries out certain translations in-house and, when resourcing requires, manages the request for translations to be carried out by an external translation company. All content that needs to be displayed bilingually should always be sent to Oifig na Gaeilge for proof-reading.

Please email with any queries and requests.



Oifig na Gaeilge provides a translation and consultation service to all offices in the University to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of the Official Languages Act. All requests should be submitted in WORD format to:

Oifig na Gaeilge can provide advice at: View further information on Legal Obligations.

Oifig na Gaeilge can provide advice at: View further information on Legal Obligations.

Yes. Oifig na Gaeilge has a contract with an external translation company, and each individual school or unit pays the cost of their translations. Oifig na Gaeilge provides free proofreading for the completed translations before they are returned to the individual school/unit.

A small number of short documents are translated within Oifig na Gaeilge, provided the document is no longer than 500 words. Oifig na Gaeilge maintains a translation database that includes the current names of units, schools, colleges, job titles and buildings.

After submitting your text to, Oifig na Gaeilge will request a quote; translation costs are calculated based on the number of words and the complexity of the text. If the school/unit is satisfied with the quote, they will need to provide a purchase order number, which is then forwarded to the external company to start the work.

Time estimates depend on the length of the document and the complexity of the text. The average turnaround time after receiving the purchase order number is 3-4 working days for texts of 1,000 words or less.

Some texts can be translated internally on the same day depending on the complexity of the request. Other texts may need to be sent out and/or if there is 'new' terminology in specialized areas, Oifig na Gaeilge can contact the Terminology Committee on your behalf.

Having an Irish speaker on the team is a great asset, but unless they are a trained translator, no money will be saved. The cost of proofreading a text is equivalent to the cost of translations with most translation companies. All translation requests need to be sent to

No. Online translations do not yet offer the accuracy or reliability required to ensure the high standard needed and often errors occur when words and phrases are translated out of context.

Oifig na Gaeilge can provide a translation in this case. A staff member from Oifig na Gaeilge can record this for you and/or recommend an actor with Irish language skills.

More information can be found on the website of Oifig an Choimisinéara Teanga or in this guide about the Act: Acht na dTeangacha Oifigiúla 2003.