Things are still a little bit different this year but it is just as important to stay connected and to keep checking in with one another!

Conas Atá TÚ

We invite you to join our online chat on Microsoft Teams for those with the grá for Gaeilge, it doesn't matter what your level of ability is. If you love using the language then sign up for a group chat here and we will send you the link for the chat as Gaeilge that suits you best - great way to meet new people from different courses and years, or colleagues from different departments all having a bit of craic as Gaeilge: Conas Atá TÚ Form

Different groups will be set up for those with no or barely any Gaeilge at all (yet!), those who have the cúpla focal, and those who are confident to chat away as Gaeilge - these will be fun chats and we look forward to meeting you ar líne!