Oifig na Gaeilge, in conjunction with Staff Development, provide free general Irish language classes every semester for the current staff and students of Technological University Dublin.

January - March 2022 Irish classes are now fully subscribed, to add your name to a waiting list, please contact gaeilge@tudublin.ie

Classes take place over eight weeks each semester and:

Oifig na Gaeilge also organise a programme of social and cultural events every semester to support these classes - check out the chats and cupán tae that will be taking place online with Conas Atá TÚ?


  • Irish or Gaeilge is Ireland’s national language and a language spoken on the island for over 2000 years!
  • Maybe you learned the language a long time ago in school but would like to try and learn it again in a more relaxed and communicative way?
  • Perhaps you are a staff member who would like to feel more confident in actively offering a service in Irish?
  • Or maybe there is a child at home who you would like to help out with the Gaeilge homework, or with any subject if they are studying through Irish?
  • Maybe you are a student who is considering a career with Irish?
  • Maybe you are an international student who is curious about the meaning behind the bilingual signage everywhere and wish to learn a little about Ireland’s national language?

If so, please come along to our classes and learn more!

Check out the Irish Language Classes Timetable and please Register for your preferred class.

If you have any further queries, please email gaeilge@tudublin.ie.


Aimed at those with no previous knowledge of Irish. This level is not suitable for anyone who has studied Irish at school. By the end of the course participants will be able to engage in simple everyday interactions and will have acquired a basic knowledge of grammar.


Suitable for people who have attended a few beginners classes or who already have basic Irish, e.g. they can greet people, introduce themselves. As with the beginners level, the emphasis is on developing speaking and listening skills and grammar is taught in context for the most part.

Lower Intermediate

Suitable for people who studied Irish at school, who understand a good deal of the language but have had few opportunities to use it in recent years. The emphasis is on developing speaking and listening skills, but learners are also given a chance to read and to write the language. Grammar is taught in context, as it is required.

Upper Intermediate

Suitable for people who are comfortable speaking Irish and who use the language from time to time – in a social context, for example. Participants have an opportunity to extend their vocabulary and to learn more about Irish grammar. The topics discussed in class are more challenging than those covered at Lower Intermediate level and there is also a greater emphasis on reading.

Advanced 1

Aimed at those who have a reasonable fluency in Irish but who find it difficult to discuss more challenging topics (current affairs and technology, for example). Participants have an opportunity to add to their vocabulary and range of idiomatic expressions, improve their grammar and develop their reading and listening skills.

Still unsure? Check out Gaelchultúr’s online assessment test to help you decide!

January - March 2022

Complete Beginners Tuesday  17:15-18:15 
Elementary Monday 17:15-18:15
Lower Intermediate Tuesday 13:00-14:00
Upper Intermediate Wednesday 13:00-14:00
Advanced 1 Monday 17:15-18:15

Semester 2

  • Classes Begin: 24 January 2022

January - March 2022 Irish classes are now fully subscribed, to add your name to a waiting list, please contact gaeilge@tudublin.ie