Garrett Barry


Library Assistant, Library Services

Michael Barry


Lecturer, Spatial Planning And Transport

Catherine Barry Ryan


Senior Lecturer I Teach, Food Science And Environmental Health

Ade Baruwa


Technical Officer, Information Services

Serge Basini


Senior Lecturer I Teach, Marketing

Andrea Basquille


Assistant Lecturer, Conservatory Of Music And Drama

Malabika Basu


Senior Lecturer I Teach, Electrical And Electronic Engineering

Catherine Bates


Project Coordinator Community Based Lear, Access And Civic Engagement

Eric Bates


Lecturer, Dublin School Of Architecture

Tara Battersby


Technician, Research Develop And Support

Una Beagon


Assistant Head of School, Civil Engineering

Anna Becevel


Administrative Officer, Computer Science

David Beckley King


Technician, Information Services

Zeinab Bedri


Lecturer, Civil Engineering

Donal Beecher


Assistant Lecturer, Media

Avril Behan


Director, College Admin Eng And Built En

Cormac Behan


Lecturer, Languages Law And Social Sciences

Denise Behan


D825 - Common

John Behan


D825 - Common

Kaytee Behan


Societies Development Officer, Campus Life