Mission of Technology Services

The mission of Technology Services is to deliver and support a rich set of technology services that are customer focussed and which will contribute to its vision of transforming university life through the use of digital technologies and services. Our goal is to provide a customer focussed service, adding value through simple and innovation solutions via a secure, reliable, sustainable, flexible and accessible, cloud first, mobile centric approach to service design and delivery.


Vision for Technology Services

Informed by the Academic Vision, Technology Services will support and enable research and academic excellence via well architected, integrated, enterprise technology solutions – the foundation of our new digital campus. The new digital campus will ignore traditional boundaries and enable TU Dublin to achieve a global reach, creating a collaborative virtual environment of connected and engaged students with the ability to learn anytime and anywhere. Secure, reliable, agile, and easy to use technology will be embedded to support and enable all activities of the University. Our vision is aligned with the 2030 Strategic Objective of having an “agile, technology-enabled, modern university, that facilitates learners in an advanced digital world.”


Guiding principles to support the fulfilment of the vision